All of our beverages on tap are made fresh in house and placed into our kegs

It is a perfect way to always have a fresh tasting beverage by just a pull of a handle. Perfect for your house, office, hospital, restaurants, weddings, bridal showers, birthdays, and much. We carry a large list of beverages so if you don't see it just ask if we can carry it and maybe we can make it happen.


Cold Brew Coffee

Classic Organic Nitro Coffee

nitro cold brew

Our best selling beverage you can never go wrong with. Smooth, rich, and creamy beverage which makes it a very refreshing and great tasting beverage.


espresso drink

Looking for a very strong flavored coffee? Well this is the coffee for you then. A very bold and rich flavor.

Caramel Mocha

caramel mocha nitro

Like a coffee with flavor and no sugar? Our caramel mocha has great flavor and we get that flavor from the roasting process of the coffee beans which means no sugar added. Smooth great tasting beverage.


Black Tea


Carefully blend this flavorful and aromatic bergamot with a bold hand-picked black tea

Rooibos Hibiscus Tea

hibiscus tea

Sweetest organic rooibos tea we could find was blended with a beautiful, bold hibiscus, finished off with a hint of citrus.

Butterfly Pea Flower Tea


Beautiful looking tea and has a rich flower taste that taste great on it own or add our lemonade to sweeten it up. Pea flowers have been used by Asian cultures for memory enhancement, to reduce stress, as an anti-microbial, and other relaxing medicinal purposes.

Arnold Palmer


A great mix of sweet and smooth. We combine 2 great beverages together. Our black tea and our lemonade. Want to make this drink have a good punch of caffeine? Well we can make this happen also! Makes for a great tasting energy drink.

Energy Drinks

Rockin Pink Berry

pink berry drink

Our Blueberry Acai Soda water combined with nature's elite "adaptogenic" botanicals, guava, tart cherry and raspberry superfruit's with natural caffeine from green coffee beans, and pure cane sugar.

Purple Power


Using our Blueberry Acai Soda water combined with our plant based energy that has black raspberry and elderberry superfruits with natural caffeine from green coffee beans, and pure cane sugar.


Classic Lemonade


Our classic lemonade is like no other and of course using only the best ingredients we can find. Just the right amount of sweet using pure cane sugar.


Root Beer


Classic Root Beer is smooth, rich, and creamy with earthy undertones.

Cream Orange Soda


If you love creamsicle ice popsicles then you will love this beverage. Smooth and just the right amount of sweet.